Watercolor, Monotype, and Alcohol Inks     /       Landscape, Stlll Life, Abstract

 Mary Wojciechowski is a full-time artist and has served on the Cultural Council for the town of North Attleboro, MA.

Mary Wojciechowski is a full-time artist and has served on the Cultural Council for the town of North Attleboro, MA.

As a painter, Mary Wojciechowski feels fortunate to live in New England. The seacoast, salt marshes and woodlands nearby have been her favorite subjects and she is happiest painting plein air whenever possible.  If unable, Mary's photographs and drawings begin the process back in her studio.

Mary's love of watercolor began in college after taking two semesters in oils. It was as if a new world had opened up, one in which spontaneity and immediacy prevailed. She would escape the stuffy studio and paint outdoors, taking in the light and colors surrounding her as she painted.
The fluidity and the chance opportunities for intermingling colors kept her approach fresh with each painting and many times she found a need to paint the same subject more than once just to experiment with the diversity that this medium offers.

Her paintings would usually be considered representational in approach, although her creative side, many times, moves her to stretch beyond realistic boundaries.  Expressive color, and the play of strong lights against darks, often take more importance than the direct interpretation of subjects in front of her.

During the thirty years she has been painting, she has studied with some very strong watercolorists, including William Ternes, Peter Spataro, and Judi Wagner. Mary believes that her membership in the Rhode Island Watercolor Society has had the greatest impact on her as an artist. Painting and exhibiting with fellow members has motivated her to strive not only for increased skill in the handling of this medium but has helped her to develop a personal voice as well.  

Mary Wojciechowski, a retired visual arts teacher, received her BFA degree from the University of Connecticut. She is a signature member of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society, a juried artist in the Cape Cod Art Association, and holds membership in the Attleboro Arts Museum and the Foxboro Art Association. Her award-winning art has been juried into many exhibitions, including those of the New England Watercolor Society.

   Around the Bend    10 x 14  Watercolor   $700

Around the Bend  10 x 14  Watercolor   $700

   Shell Seekers    7 x 7 Watercolor    $225

Shell Seekers  7 x 7 Watercolor    $225

   Taking a Break    7 x 7   Watercolor     $225

Taking a Break  7 x 7   Watercolor     $225

   A Good Day for the Beach    7 x 7   Watercolor   $225

A Good Day for the Beach  7 x 7   Watercolor   $225

   Paw Wah View,     Orleans      6 x 12    watercolor   $450

Paw Wah View, Orleans    6 x 12    watercolor   $450

My challenge to my future self as an artist is to build on my past learning and experiences, see the creative opportunities in responding to my subjects, and not to be afraid to take risks.

The MONOTYPE PRINTMAKING of Mary Wojciechowski

A monotype is a form of printmaking that yields an original and one of a kind piece of art. It is begun with ink applied upon a smooth, non-absorbent surface, then transferred. The plate may have areas drawn or painted upon, wiped away or elements placed upon it to add texture or block areas of color. An image is then created by the transference of ink from the printing plate to paper through the pressure of a printing press or hand rubbing. There is always an element of surprise when prints are pulled as the ink may move under the pressure causing subtle differences between plate and print.

In creating my monotypes, I use found materials, both natural and recycled, as well as stencils that I have cut and torn myself.  I now find that I am continuously re-purposing materials that are about to be discarded for possible use in upcoming works. In printing my monotypes, I use both a printing press and work off press havingrecently included the use of Gelli plates primarily for pieces saved for future monotype collages. My subjects explore both the natural world, using subtle textures and organic detail, and non-objective design with multiple layers of color and geometric shapes. As a watercolorist for more than forty years, I have found experimentation through monotype printmaking, and collage has been a valuable extension to painting and has had a positive impact on current work.

 "Summertime Blues" monotype collage by Mary Wojciechowski  5 x 5   $125   

"Summertime Blues" monotype collage by Mary Wojciechowski  5 x 5   $125


 Mary with her opening sign board in front of the gallery!

Mary with her opening sign board in front of the gallery!

   Coastal Rhythms    11 x 15 Watercolor on yupo $600

Coastal Rhythms  11 x 15 Watercolor on yupo $600

   Sailing Out     9 x 15   Watercolor $700

Sailing Out   9 x 15   Watercolor $700