PHILIP SELZER l Oil Painter of Cape Cod Landscape

Oil paintings of the Cape Cod shore, sand dunes, marshes, and landscapes. Best art gallery on Cape Cod. Consistent “Gold Award” recipient for BEST FINE ART GALLERY by CAPE COD LIFE!

Phil Selzer Gallery 31 Summer Demo & Reception:  Friday, July 26 from 5 to 7pm

Philip Selzer grew up in Akron, Ohio and had a natural talent from a very early age in the field of art. Phil went on to study art at the University of Akron, graduating cum laude with a BFA, emphasis painting. Just prior to his earning his degree, Phil was inducted into the Ohio Water Color Society through a juried competition. At that time he was the youngest member ever inducted into the society.

Phil taught secondary art for eight years while he continued to paint and show his work. He also began to dabble in wildfowl carving. Within less than five years, Phil had become an accomplished world-class carver, winning several awards throughout the United States. In 1994 he won second place at the prestigious Ward World Championship Pairs Competition in Ocean City, Maryland. Phil was not only able to capture “lifelike” qualities in his carvings, he was best known for his painting finishes.

In 2005, Phil returned to painting exclusively in oils. An avid outdoorsman with a keen sense of nature, he has spent the last several years painting landscapes and cityscapes that depict aspects of everyday life. He portrays ordinary people engaged in common activities, offering the viewer a suggestive narrative. His work may include an intimate dialogue between a pair at the park or the bustle of a crowd at a farmer’s market. One can easily imagine oneself within the story.

In late 2011 Phil was commissioned by the Franklin County Convention Facilities to complete a painting for the newly built Hilton Hotel, Downtown Columbus and in 2012 he completed a work for the Columbus Partnership.

Phil’s work can be found in both private and public collections throughout the country. Two of Phil’s paintings were selected for the 2014 Ohio Governor’s Office & Residential Artwork Loan, displayed in the Governor’s mansion and the Ohio State House.

Phil and his wife Peg visit Cape Cod to capture the special light here in plein air oil paintings done on location on Cape beaches, bogs, and lanes.


   Saturday Seashore    8 x 10 Oil   /   $600

Saturday Seashore  8 x 10 Oil   /   $600

   Waiting for the Catch    8 x 10 Oil  /  $600

Waiting for the Catch  8 x 10 Oil  /  $600

   Beach at Truro     8 x 10    Oil    /   $600

Beach at Truro   8 x 10    Oil    /   $600

   Down at the Bog     9 x 12   Oil   /   $700

Down at the Bog   9 x 12   Oil   /   $700

   Walk in the Dunes     9 x 12    Oil   /   $700

Walk in the Dunes   9 x 12    Oil   /   $700

   Line Up on Pleasant Bay    6 x 8 Oil   $425

Line Up on Pleasant Bay  6 x 8 Oil   $425

   Flower Market     6 x 8   Oil   $400

Flower Market   6 x 8   Oil   $400

   Tonset View   11 x 14 Oil $900

Tonset View 11 x 14 Oil $900

   Winter Walk    20 x 24 Oil    $2400

Winter Walk  20 x 24 Oil    $2400

      Farmer's Market, Barnstable    8 x 10 Oil $600

   Farmer's Market, Barnstable  8 x 10 Oil $600

   Mill Pond, Orleans    11 x 14 Oil    $900

Mill Pond, Orleans  11 x 14 Oil    $900

   Chatham Beach    Oil 8 x 10 $600

Chatham Beach  Oil 8 x 10 $600

   Mill Pond Kayaks    oil  11 x 14  Philip Selzer  $900

Mill Pond Kayaks  oil  11 x 14  Philip Selzer  $900